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Thin Lizzy – 10 of the Best

As part of the publicity for Cowboy Song, I wrote a 10 of the Best feature on Thin Lizzy for the Guardian.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme

I spoke about Cowboy Song on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Also features Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham. You can listen to the...

Cowboy Song

Published by Constable & Robinson, February 2016 Featured in Irish Times books to watch 2016

Anne Briggs in 2007

Reading and reviewing Mick Houghton’s excellent new Sandy Denny biography recently, I’ve Always Kept a Unicorn, reminded me of a piece I...

Interview: One on One

I did the One on One interview this week for BBC Radio Leeds, featuring an in-depth chat and some of my favourite tunes. It can be...

Review Digest

“Do we need another book on the Beatles? In this case, definitely. Not just because it’s a juicy story, but because Harrison’s life was...

Review: Status Magazine

Behind the Locked Door is reviewed in the February 2015 issue of Status magazine: “The life and times of George Harrison, thoroughly...

Review: The Agit Reader

A thoughtful review of Behind the Locked Door in Brooklyn webzine The Agit Reader.

New York Post

The New York Post has published a piece about Behind the Locked Door.

Review: Chicago Tribune

The US edition of Behind the Locked Door is published today. The Chicago Tribune reviews: “Thomson’s book adds something new to this...

US Edition

The US edition of Behind the Locked Door is published next week (January 22), by The Overlook Press in New York. In the run-up, there’s...

Reviews: Saga / Classic Rock

A gripping account of the complex, fascinating and richly eccentric life of the supposedly ‘quiet’ Beatle – Mark Ellen, Saga, February...

Review: Sunday Business Post

Extract: “Behind The Locked Door has two major factors to recommend it. First, the author is responsible for 2010’s Under The Ivy, an...

Review: Record Collector

There is a 4-star review of ‘Behind The Locked Door’ in the current issue of Record Collector

Review: Henley Standard

There is a long review of ‘Behind The Locked Door’ in what used to be George Harrison’s local paper, The Henley Standard


There’s an 8-page extract from ‘Behind The Locked Door’ in the November issue of GQ

Extract: The Arts Desk

When George Harrison met Bob Dylan. Read an extract from Behind The Locked Door on The Arts Desk

Review: Hot Press

‘Behind The Locked Door’ is Book of the Fortnight in the new issue of Irish music magazine Hot Press: “Brings new colour and...

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