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Review Digest

“A magisterial biography… Thomson’s book adds something new to this conversation…” – Chicago Tribune

“Do we need another book on the Beatles? In this case, definitely. Not just because it’s a juicy story, but because Harrison’s life was such an intriguing study in the interplay of fame, creativity and happiness” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Fans of either the Beatles or Harrison the solo artist will find much to relish in this thorough and accessible account” – Library Journal (Starred review)

“The book is thoroughly entertaining, and it fills a real gap in the available literature about one of rock’s most important musicians. I seriously doubt Harrison will get any better treatment anytime soon.” – The Agit Reader

“Re-examines the Quiet One’s remarkable life” – New York Post

“The life and times of George Harrison, thoroughly examined by noted biographer Graeme Thomson, reveals the former Beatle’s psyche, examined through in-depth interviews and dogged research. This is no pandering publication; it gets into the good, the bad, and the ugly, painting Harrison as a human being instead of just a pillar of pop culture.” – Status Magazine

“An excellent biography” – MOJO

“An insightful, rigorous and beautifully written atomisation of the youngest Beatle’s life.” – The National

“Brings new colour and understanding to his story. A must for George fans.” – Hot Press

“Thomson’s excellent biography is readable, informative and, most importantly, clear-eyed… A well-written and extremely entertaining book.” – Classic Rock “A gripping account of the complex, fascinating and richly eccentric life of the supposedly ‘quiet’ Beatle” – Saga

“Thomson is especially compelling in his illumination of Harrison’s inner life, his robust spirituality, and his deep love of Indian culture. A must for all Beatles collections and for fans of the quiet man himself.” —Booklist (Starred Review)

“Succeeds effortlessly in realising Harrison’s complex personality, and his various personal and career travails.” – Sunday Business Post

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