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Small Hours - Exclusive Videos

Back in March, I asked five artists I know and admire if they would like to help launch Small Hours virtually (this was, of course, right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in the UK).

I subsequently commissioned Blue Rose Code (pictured), Olivia Chaney, Karine Polwart, Siobhan Wilson and Findlay Napier to record and film exclusive performances of John Martyn songs. I was incredibly pleased with how they turned out.

We teamed up with Alex at Folk Radio UK, who was delighted to host the films, each of which came accompanied by a short extract from Small Hours relating to the song being performed. These ran during the week of publication, and it's fair to say the reaction was fantastic. I'm very proud to have this wonderful work associated with the book.

They are all available to view at Folk Radio UK

Pic credit: Zoe Barrie

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