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Cowboy Song – PopMatters review

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

A tremendously positive 10 / 10 review of Cowboy Song has appeared on PopMatters:

It is … difficult not to acknowledge that Cowboy Song might be one of the best rock biographies of all time.’

Read the full review here.

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Sebastian Palmer
Sebastian Palmer
27 abr 2022

Hi Graeme, my sister bought me a copy of Cowboy Song for my recent 50th. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Esp’ liked that you clearly dig Lynott‘s and Lizzy’s mellower and more eclectic aspects. On the strength of Cowboy Song I’m going to check out Small Hours as well, as I’m also JM fan. All the best, Sebastian.

Me gusta

06 jul 2020

Hi Graeme. I read Cowboy Song. I loved it. brilliantly written. thanks. I am a huge Lizzy and Lynott fan and played in the top lizzy tribute (Limehouse Lizzy)for 2 years. I left the rock scene behind many years ago and carved out a good career in the world, jazz and elctronic music scenes. I am 50 years old and have a very creative mind. Lots f successful projects under my belt. My main project, 'Drum Machine' being one of those. Whilst playing with Limehouse i had an idea develop over several months. An idea based in Thin Lizzy's and Phil Lynott's history. I wonder if you could provide an email address for me to run it past you to…

Me gusta
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